What would you focus on if you didn't have to worry about your AWS environment?

Daily Voice capitalizes on technology partner’s expertise to turn their focus back onto the business​

Daily Voice, an established digital news leader spanning across communities in New York and Connecticut likes to focus on what they do best, delivering news, sports and information to communities they love. Upon losing their admin, who had previously managed the complex AWS environment, the search was on to obtain a new admin. Recruiting while trying to handle ongoing system maintenance was distracting from business priorities.

The decision was made to find a technology partner that would allow them to stop worrying about fully capitalizing on the scalability and cost savings of their complex AWS environment and get back to the busines​s.​

Operating the AWS platform to its full potential requires expertise and dedication. Understanding the desire to make the most out of the platform, Apparatus grabbed their AWS toolset, ready to get to work. Through the rich capabilities of AWS, Daily Voice outlined the following goals: ​

  • Around the clock coverage via AWS experts

  • Reliable support from a strong technology partner

  • Investment in the platform to achieve greater value​

The website, which exists entirely in AWS, spans across sixteen servers using CloudFront and Elastic Load Balancing. In less than four weeks, the team at Apparatus established a reliable solution that is setup to adapt and evolve for the Daily Voice environment. Thanks to auto scaling with AWS, Daily Voice can meet the demands of their viewership and keep costs as low as they can go without running unnecessary resources. 

Speaking of trimming costs, with their reserved instances, Daily Voice is projected to achieve $10,000 in savings each year. They aren’t worrying about their servers, which leaves them more time to focus on their website and the content stored there. 

“With a technology partner behind the scenes monitoring and managing our AWS environment, we now have every confidence that the environment is scaling to meet our changing needs,” stated Travis Hardman, CTO.​

Quick Solution Run Down:

  •  CloudFront
  •  Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
  •  Elastic Load Balancer
  •  Auto Scaling
  •  Elastic Block Store (EBS)
  •  Simple Storage Service (S3)
  •  Puppet
  •  GlusterFS
  •  Relational Database Service (RDS)
  •  Varnish/Apache
  •  Reserved Instances​

About The Daily Voice​

The Daily Voice, originally Main Street Connect, began in 2010 as a collection of local news sites. Since then, Daily Voice has grown into a news network, employing award-winning editors and local reporters in towns across two states. Employees live and work in the communities they serve, covering the most important news, sports and information in each community. ​​​​

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